Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blog Monster's 35 Favorite Records of 2012

It's that time of year again when music fans, critics and neo trendy hipsters start listing their "Top Lists" of the year. This past year has been one hell of a year with several great fuckin' records. So great, I almost was gonna do favorite 50 records, but with like every year, time is not on my side. So, without any hesitation, here are my favorite 35 LP's, (three EP's) for the year 2012. Keep in mind, I never list them in particular order, it's just a list of great records that each and everyone of you should definitely go out and buy each and every one! Unfortunately, I couldn't afford each one of these records this year, but have been fortunate enough to have either the band or someone cool enough to supply me with the tunes. This is where you, that cool enough one gets that "Thank you". So, thanks to you, the labels, the bands and to all who have introduced me to any of these. Enjoy!

Again, in no particular order...

  1. The Chemicals - "For Real, For Life, For Whatever" (Jonny Cat)
  2. Outtacontroller - "Don't Play Dumb" (PTrash)
  3. Spastic Hearts -"S/T" 
  4. Spider Bags - "Shake My Head" (Odessa)
  5. Kurt Baker - "Brand New Beat" (Collector's Club Records/Jolly Ronnie)
  6. White Wires - "III" (Dirtnap)
  7. Spider Babies - The Twenty Year War" (Sack O Shit)
  8. Hank Wood And The Hammerheads - "Go Home" (Toxic State)
  9. Terry Malts - "Killing Time" (Slumberland)
  10. M.O.T.O. - No Sleep 'Til Turku" (Blast of Silence/Svart)
  11. Legendary Wings - "Making Paper Roses" (Dirtnap) 
  12. Redd Kross - "Researching The Blues" (Merge)
  13. Off! - "S/T" (Vice)
  14. Crusaders Of Love - "Take It Easy...But Take It" (FDH)
  15. Randy America - "Fuck Vision" (Emily's Nine)
  16. Ex-Cult - "S/T" (Goner)
  17. Something Fierce/Occult Detective Club - "Split Ten Inch" (Dirtnap)
  18. V/A: "Too Much" Compilation w/Mean Jeans, Mothers Children, White Wires etc... (Why Me?)
  19. The Spits - "Tired & Lonely" (Red Lounge)
  20. White Lung - 'Sorry" (Deranged)
  21. Spider Fever - " S/T" (Windian)
  22. The Rippers - " Better The Devil You Know" (Slovenly)
  23. The Legs - "Aaaa The New Memphis Legs" (Goner)
  24. Gentleman Jesse - " Leaving Atlanta" (Douchemaster)
  25. Weird Party - "Hussy" (Sex & Death)
  26. Cheap Time - "Wallpaper Music" (In The Red)
  27. Mind Spiders - "Meltdown" (Dirtnap)
  28. Sonic Avenues - "Television Youth" (Dirtnap)
  29. Mean Jeans - "On Mars" (Dirtnap)
  30. Cold Warps - "Endless Bummer" (No/Yes)
  31. Needles//Pins - "12:34" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.)
  32. The Flip-Tops - "Are Still A Band" (Bachelor)
  33. Crazy Spirit - "S/T" (Toxic State)
  34. Crimewave - "Nazi Sex Convulsion Gospels" (Agrowax)
  35. V/A: Buttons: "Starter Kit" & "From Champaign To Chicago" (Numero Group)

Well there ya have it! Now go out and support the band and labels and buy these records!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My first 10 Punk Rock Ep's I bought

 Ahh, the extended play. Or to some, the Mini-LP. But for me, I like to refer to it as the EP. I love the EP. It's usually too short and always leaves the listener wanting more. Well, at least this guy. But seriously, how many of you out there remember buying any of these records I have listed below? I sure do! And, I could tell you where I bought each and every one of them too. But we'll just omit that fun fact this time around.
 Most of these records were my first purchases of these bands. With the exception of The Buzzcocks and The Replacements. I heard The Buzzcocks on a local college radio station, then shortly thereafter bought their "Singles Going Steady". I was instantly hooked and wanted to buy every fucking record I could find of theirs, immediately. And I just about did! (Note: I am still missing a few of their early singles) Once when I was in town (Boston, Ma.) I found a reissue of "Spiral Scratch" (1977). I already knew they ruled and couldn't pass it up. I certainly wasn't going to wait to find an original, and if I did, I probably wouldn't of paid what would have been a lot of money to me back then for it. Not sure what an original goes for these days, but I kinda wished I did score one back then. This EP rules.

Red Cross "S/T" (1980)

I had seen this around and knew it had to be good. Pretty much everything on Posh Boy Records rocked. Finally, after passing it up a few times, I bought it and returned home only to be absolutely floored! I played this record over and over and over again and again and again. I couldn't get enough of it. Still to this day, it's by far my favorite record of theirs. 6 and a half minutes with 7 pure teenage punk rock anthems. Total classic California punk. This one kids, is ESSENTIAL!

The Replacements "Stink" (1982)

I heard these guys through my step brothers buddy, Jim. He loaned him "Sorry Ma...". I thought it was the greatest rock & roll record I ever heard. Not long after hearing it, I went out and got "Stink" only because it was the only record by The Replacements I could find at the time. We didn't have many 'cool' record shops near where I lived, so to find this at Good Vibrations in Taunton, Ma. was a score! I spoke with the dude behind the counter there and he was shocked that some little kid was buying this and actually knew about the band. Not long after that, I sorta got to know the guy. Now I was ordering 'cool' punk records (which were considered Imports back then) from that record shop. I placed my order for "Sorry Ma..." and "Let It Be" next. It wasn't until a year ago, when I finally completed my Replacements discography and snagged a copy of "Boink!" dirt cheap on eBay. Still one of my all time favorite bands, ever.

 Black Flag "Jealous Again" (1980)

I heard this band on WERS and saw "The Decline of Western Civilization" and had the soundtrack to the latter on tape. Next, I needed to find any and all of these guys records and this was the first I found, along with "Everything Went Black". I bought both of them the same day. Wow, look at that! A mail order form for records inside and more from SST! Suddenly I was having my mother filling out checks and sending in my order to SST Records. Now I was in business. Records getting delivered to my door by mailorder! I can't count how many times I sent an envelope off to SST and eagerly awaited my records! I loved this band and played the shit out of all their records and still do.

 Dead Kennedys "In God We Trust, Inc." (1981)

Now this was something! Another killer find at Good Vibrations. Holy shit! These guys were fast! It didn't take long to get their records as they had their first two full lengths, "Fresh Fruits For Rotting Vegetables" & "Plastic Surgery Disasters" there. So, after getting home and listening to this, I called and asked if they would hold the two other records behind the counter for me. I had to mow more lawns and get some cash fast and get back over there to get those records! And that's just what I did. About a year later they came out with "Frankenchrist".
 The Minutemen "Paranoid Time" (1980)

At first I was like what the fuck is this? And then I was like holy fucking shit! Who the fuck are these guys? Obviously very talented musicians. I first heard them on "The Blasting Concept" compilation LP put out by SST Records. So I snagged this fucker up and never looked back. Another one I sent away for through SST Records. I remember combing the racks at Check It Out Records in Brockton, Ma. and found "The Punch Line" and "The Politics of Time" LP's both for $5.99. They had this tape too, "My First Bells" which I passed on and have only seen a couple other copies on the shelves throughout the years. Should've bought that one, but I was hooked on vinyl!
 Agent Orange "When You Least Expect It" (1984)

Another favorite. Also first heard on the radio, which was "Bloodstains". (I still need that 45!!) I thought, wow, these guys are great! This was not as good as their debut, "Living In Darkness", but a great first for me. I had a chance to see them once years ago and passed it up. This and the following record are the only two I do not still own. This one somehow never got returned to me after being loaned out. And I've never come across a decent copy to add back to my collection, In time...probably "When I Least Expect It"! Ha!
Poison Idea "Pick Your King" (1983)

Arguably one of thee best hardcore records of all time. Yes, as stated above I no longer own a copy, and most likely never will unless I get one from someone that has absolutely no idea what it is worth. My gut turns every time I think about how I sold this years ago on eBay to get through a rough time in my life. It did keep me well fed for a month and helped pay some serious overdue bill I had. Next....

The Dickies - "Stukas Over Disneyland" (1983)

Dollar bin find! Another one I loaned out and never saw again. I did recently get a decent copy on eBay for cheap, so I'm back in business. Always loved The Dickies and this was the first record I bought of theirs. Some say it's a LP, I say an EP. I got "Dawn of The Dickies" next then "Incredible Shrinking Dickies" third. So yeah, I bought their three first 12" records backwards. Should've started with the latter....At any rate, still a great record and every time I hear their cover of "Communication Breakdown" I lose my shit. Classic.

Hüsker Dü "Metal Circus" (1983)

Another band I heard first on local college radio and of course "The Blasting Concept". Still love this band and most of their output. Some of their later records were really good, but got ruined (IMO) to poor production. This, however still sounds as good as the day it was released. Just listen to the opening track, "Real World" still gets me every time. This record should be heard by all!

Well, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this piece.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Spider Babies - "The Twenty Year War"

 The Spider Babies - "The Twenty Year War"

At last, a new Spider Babies LP and man this thing kills! I played this fucker about ten times already today, and I don't see it cuming off my turntable anytime soon. This is The Spider Babies you've all come to know and love. 15 brand new sleazy garage punk tunes done the way it's suppose to. Short & sweet, catchy, raw, raging, snotty and very anthemic. This one definitely makes in my top LP's of 2012! Get one here while you can. Just contact  Ryan and place your order. His website isn't updated as of yet. Or you can send a message on the Sack O' Shit Facebook page here and order a copy. As of Thursday, October 18th, they were down to the last 50 copies on colored vinyl. So give him your goddamn hard earned cash! Oh and by the way, don't bother trying to order one of those Test Pressings you see in the above photo, as I got the last one. Below is a photo of the colored vinyl. Only 200 made. The remaining 300 copies are pressed on good old fashioned black vinyl. Act fast!! This fucking record fucking rules!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Fuck man, Texas has always had a very cool punk scene. The Big Boys, The Huns, Really Red, The Dicks, The Butthole Surfers, The Hates, Poison 13, The Nervebreakers, Bang Gang, The Offenders, The Hickoids, Marching Plague, and The Skunks are a small chunk that come to mind when I think of early TX punk.

Notable late 80's and 90's punk bands like Sugar Shack, The Reds, The Motards, The Cryin'Out Louds, The Hormones, The Bulemics, Inhalants, Jack O' Fire, The Sons of Hercules, The Jewws, & Lord High Fixes all ruled my turntable back then.

In the last 12 years Texas bands have continued to rule the world. Holy fucking shit, I can't keep up! Every time I turn around there is another great fuckin' band from Texas that I am totally blown away by. Riverboat Gamblers, The Marked Men, The Energy, Bad Sports, Secret Prostitutes, Crime Wave, No Talk, Mind Spiders, and Talk Sick Brats are some of my favorites since the year 2000.
Today I am sharing this link for a Texas compilation that showcases the Houston punk scene. "Shitting In The Funhouse...A Houston Punk Compilation" is perfect from start to finish. Please click the link and you will be able to hear this great comp. I haven't seen anything about it being released on vinyl, but let's hope so!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Bigger Stones" my very short Song story entry for B.A.G.

Lyrics to "Bigger Stones" by The Beat Farmers.
From their debut LP, "Tales of The New West" (1985/Rhino Records)

Sometimes I wanna fall asleep and die off in a dream
The music takes me back to my old past when I was young and feelin' mean

And as I stare into the spotlight it's like drivin' my car
We had the girls and a will and a bill on a stolen credit card
Sayin' someday we'll be stars, Joe

Now, I feel the pain of growin' old I hear the voices in the rain
I see a vision of doubt that keeps rollin' through my baby's eyes
When she calls out my name each time that she complains

Seems like we rolled bigger stones back then
Seems like we rolled bigger stones
Seems like we rolled bigger stones back then
Seems like we rolled bigger stones

Now, I feel the pain of growin' old I hear voices in the rain
I see a vision of doubt that keeps rollin' through my baby's eyes
When she calls out my name each time that she complains

Seems like we rolled bigger stones back then
Seems like we rolled bigger stones

This song will forever remind me of my sister Kelly and our older brother Jack & I driving through the hills in California on our way back to his house. Kelly & I flew out to stay with him for a week back in 1988, although it could have 1987. We missed our older brother so bad, and I can remember how excited we were and a bit nervous too, during the flight.

Every time I spoke with my brother he kept raving about this Rootsy, Rock & Roll/Cowpunk band The Beat Farmers. He'd tell me these killer stories of seeing them at The Belly Up in San Diego, and hanging out with the band and these crazy 'ol stories Country Dick would tell him. For whatever reason, I waited to hear them until I got there. Back then, there was no internet, no downloading ect... You had to get your ass to a record store to get your fix, and that's the first thing I did when I got home.

So, we started driving back after a long day exploring the hills of Cali, and he pops in a cassette tape of "Tales of The New West" with "Van Go" on the flip. Bam! I instantly fell in love with this band! Every song on the tape absolutely ruled, but it's "Bigger Stones" which makes me think of the time we spent in California. Shit, I wish I still had that Beat Farmers t-shirt my big brother gave me with those two dogs humping! I do however, still have that cassette of their first two LP's! Memories...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ricky Rat

Hey! It's a new year and why not post something for all you crazy kids out there!

Well, then! Let's start by saying this single came in a little less than a month ago, and hasn't been in it's dust sleeve much due to it's shear greatness. Ricky Rat, mostly known for his tremendously well played guitar slinging days in The Trash Brats, world touring with Kevin K, Texas Terri ect... has finally released this fine poultry platter for all you kiddies to consume.

"Crosstown Summer", the a-side, has the correct recipe for rock & roll. It's got everything you have always wanted! Chiming guitars, pick slides, harmonies, & pounding drums. Classic powerpop/glam in the Heartbreakers meets Bay City Rollers vein. Speaking of Bay City Rollers....the b-side is a cover of their hit, "Saturday Night" and I think it fits in perfectly! Well done, Ricky! I look forward to hearing the full length, "Songs In C Major Love"!

Listen to "Crossfire Summer" here: