Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blog Monster's Top 25 Records of 2011

Well, the year is ending and I have completed my top 25 LP's of 2011. I won't elaborate since I'm not much of a writer/reviewer, plus I seem to have very little time these days to do so between work, recording the new Mongrolls release, "Get Dumb", raking leaves, Christmas and so on...

In the list I have included one reissue, The Reactions and three 12" EP's, Crime Wave, Neighborhood Brats and Mother's Children. All worthy for the top 25!

Here it is kids, in no particular order...

1.) Bad Sports - "Kings of The Weekend" (Dirtnap)
2.) Sharp Objects - "S/T" (Modern Action)
3.) Night Beats - "S/T" (Trouble In Mind)
4.) The Energy - "Get Split" (Team Science)
5.) White Faces - "S/T" (Windian)
6.) Missing Monuments - "Painted White" (Douchemaster)
7.) Liquor Store - "Yeah Buddy" (Almost Ready)
8.) Kurt Baker - "Rockin' For A Living" (Oglio)
9.) The Connection - "New England's Newest Hit Makers" (Collector's Club)
10.) Something Fierce - "Don't Be So Cruel" (Dirtnap)
11.) Steve Adamyk Band - "Forever Won't Wait" (Dirtnap)
12.) The Amoebas - "S/T" (Modern Action)
13.) Neighborhood Brats - "S/T" (Modern Action)
14.) Modern Pets - "S/T" (Ptrash)
15.) Barreracudas - "Nocturnal Missions" (Douchemaster)
16.) The Cry! - "S/T" (Self Released/Top Shelf Entertainment)
17.) Crime Wave - "Savage Reaction" (Agrowax)
18.) Jack Oblivian - "Rat City" (Fat Possum)
19. Acid Baby Jesus - "S/T" (Slovenly)
20.) OBN III's - "The One And Only" (Tic Tac Totally)
21.) The Reactions - "Saturday's Gone Wild" (Cheap Rewards)
22.) Davila 666 - "Tan Bajo" (In The Red)
23.) Marvelous Darlings - "Single Life" (Deranged)
24.) Mother's Children - "Are You Tough Enough?" (Taken By Surprise)
25.) Mind Spiders - "S/T" (Dirttnap)