Monday, January 16, 2012

Ricky Rat

Hey! It's a new year and why not post something for all you crazy kids out there!

Well, then! Let's start by saying this single came in a little less than a month ago, and hasn't been in it's dust sleeve much due to it's shear greatness. Ricky Rat, mostly known for his tremendously well played guitar slinging days in The Trash Brats, world touring with Kevin K, Texas Terri ect... has finally released this fine poultry platter for all you kiddies to consume.

"Crosstown Summer", the a-side, has the correct recipe for rock & roll. It's got everything you have always wanted! Chiming guitars, pick slides, harmonies, & pounding drums. Classic powerpop/glam in the Heartbreakers meets Bay City Rollers vein. Speaking of Bay City Rollers....the b-side is a cover of their hit, "Saturday Night" and I think it fits in perfectly! Well done, Ricky! I look forward to hearing the full length, "Songs In C Major Love"!

Listen to "Crossfire Summer" here:

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