Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Fuck man, Texas has always had a very cool punk scene. The Big Boys, The Huns, Really Red, The Dicks, The Butthole Surfers, The Hates, Poison 13, The Nervebreakers, Bang Gang, The Offenders, The Hickoids, Marching Plague, and The Skunks are a small chunk that come to mind when I think of early TX punk.

Notable late 80's and 90's punk bands like Sugar Shack, The Reds, The Motards, The Cryin'Out Louds, The Hormones, The Bulemics, Inhalants, Jack O' Fire, The Sons of Hercules, The Jewws, & Lord High Fixes all ruled my turntable back then.

In the last 12 years Texas bands have continued to rule the world. Holy fucking shit, I can't keep up! Every time I turn around there is another great fuckin' band from Texas that I am totally blown away by. Riverboat Gamblers, The Marked Men, The Energy, Bad Sports, Secret Prostitutes, Crime Wave, No Talk, Mind Spiders, and Talk Sick Brats are some of my favorites since the year 2000.
Today I am sharing this link for a Texas compilation that showcases the Houston punk scene. "Shitting In The Funhouse...A Houston Punk Compilation" is perfect from start to finish. Please click the link and you will be able to hear this great comp. I haven't seen anything about it being released on vinyl, but let's hope so!

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