Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blog Monster's 35 Favorite Records of 2012

It's that time of year again when music fans, critics and neo trendy hipsters start listing their "Top Lists" of the year. This past year has been one hell of a year with several great fuckin' records. So great, I almost was gonna do favorite 50 records, but with like every year, time is not on my side. So, without any hesitation, here are my favorite 35 LP's, (three EP's) for the year 2012. Keep in mind, I never list them in particular order, it's just a list of great records that each and everyone of you should definitely go out and buy each and every one! Unfortunately, I couldn't afford each one of these records this year, but have been fortunate enough to have either the band or someone cool enough to supply me with the tunes. This is where you, that cool enough one gets that "Thank you". So, thanks to you, the labels, the bands and to all who have introduced me to any of these. Enjoy!

Again, in no particular order...

  1. The Chemicals - "For Real, For Life, For Whatever" (Jonny Cat)
  2. Outtacontroller - "Don't Play Dumb" (PTrash)
  3. Spastic Hearts -"S/T" 
  4. Spider Bags - "Shake My Head" (Odessa)
  5. Kurt Baker - "Brand New Beat" (Collector's Club Records/Jolly Ronnie)
  6. White Wires - "III" (Dirtnap)
  7. Spider Babies - The Twenty Year War" (Sack O Shit)
  8. Hank Wood And The Hammerheads - "Go Home" (Toxic State)
  9. Terry Malts - "Killing Time" (Slumberland)
  10. M.O.T.O. - No Sleep 'Til Turku" (Blast of Silence/Svart)
  11. Legendary Wings - "Making Paper Roses" (Dirtnap) 
  12. Redd Kross - "Researching The Blues" (Merge)
  13. Off! - "S/T" (Vice)
  14. Crusaders Of Love - "Take It Easy...But Take It" (FDH)
  15. Randy America - "Fuck Vision" (Emily's Nine)
  16. Ex-Cult - "S/T" (Goner)
  17. Something Fierce/Occult Detective Club - "Split Ten Inch" (Dirtnap)
  18. V/A: "Too Much" Compilation w/Mean Jeans, Mothers Children, White Wires etc... (Why Me?)
  19. The Spits - "Tired & Lonely" (Red Lounge)
  20. White Lung - 'Sorry" (Deranged)
  21. Spider Fever - " S/T" (Windian)
  22. The Rippers - " Better The Devil You Know" (Slovenly)
  23. The Legs - "Aaaa The New Memphis Legs" (Goner)
  24. Gentleman Jesse - " Leaving Atlanta" (Douchemaster)
  25. Weird Party - "Hussy" (Sex & Death)
  26. Cheap Time - "Wallpaper Music" (In The Red)
  27. Mind Spiders - "Meltdown" (Dirtnap)
  28. Sonic Avenues - "Television Youth" (Dirtnap)
  29. Mean Jeans - "On Mars" (Dirtnap)
  30. Cold Warps - "Endless Bummer" (No/Yes)
  31. Needles//Pins - "12:34" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.)
  32. The Flip-Tops - "Are Still A Band" (Bachelor)
  33. Crazy Spirit - "S/T" (Toxic State)
  34. Crimewave - "Nazi Sex Convulsion Gospels" (Agrowax)
  35. V/A: Buttons: "Starter Kit" & "From Champaign To Chicago" (Numero Group)

Well there ya have it! Now go out and support the band and labels and buy these records!

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