Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Top 25 LP's of 2013

Well, the time has come and what a year it has been! I wish I had more money this year to spend on records, because there was a bunch of stuff I missed out on. Maybe next year....

Anyway, I've included a few reissues (of course) this year, 1 EP (fuckin' L.A. Drugz!!) and I believe 3 others were actually released last year, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out. It doesn't really matter anyway, does it? Well, yeah it does, but who gives a shit because all these records are all worthy of seeking out. Oh, also I am including The Cheap Cassettes - "All Anxious, All The Time" even though it wasn't officially released on wax. It's so freakin' great, how could I not include it. So, that one is the 'Bonus Fave' of the year!

So, like I usually do, I'll keep this short and to the point.

As always, none are these are in any order, this is just a list of 25 kick ass releases.

1. Huff Stuff  Magazine - "Sugar Mountain" (Deadbeat Records)
2. Bad Sports - "Bras" (Dirtnap Records)
3. Radiations - "S/T" (self released)
4. Guitar Wolf - "Beast Vibrator" (Guitar Wolf Records)
5. Sugar Stems - "Can't Wait" (Dirtnap Records)
6. The Thirteen - "Lift-Off!" (self released)
7. Modern Pets - "Sorry, Thanks" (Deadbeat Records)
8. Glitz - "It'z Glitz" (Grazer Records)
9. Thee Mighty Fevers - "Fuckin' Great R'N'R" (Deadbeat Records)
10. Mind Spiders - "Inhumanistic" (Dirtnap Records)
11. The Last - "Danger" (End Sounds Records)
12. L.A. Drugz - "Outside Place" (Hovercraft Records)
13. J/Q - "J/Q" (self released)
14. Crazy & The Brains - "Let Me Go" (Baldy Longhair Records)
15. Cumstain - "White People Problems" (Resurrection Records)
16. Radioactivity - "S/T" (Dirtnap Records)
17. Autistic Youth - "Nonage" (Dirtnap Records)
18. The Connection - "Let It Rock" (King Yum Records)
19. Missing Monuments - "S/T" (Dirtnap Records)
20. Night Birds - "Born To Die In Suburbia" (Grave Mistake Records)
21. Warm Soda -"Someone For You" (Castle Face Records)
22. The Shirks - "S/T" (Grave Mistake Records)
23. Jook - "Jook Rule" 2xLP (Sing Sing Records)
24. Manual Scan - "All Night Scan" (Cheap Rewards Records)
25. The Tunes - "Love Uncool" (Cheap Rewards Records)


The Cheap Cassettes - "All Anxious, All The Time"

Well, there ya have it kids. Now go out and buy these fuckers!
Til the next time....

-Greg Mongroll


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