Monday, August 25, 2014

10 Favorite LP's from Boston and surrounding area

Here my top favorite LP's from Boston and the surrounding area. No particular order. This list could change at any given moment. Post your favorites in the comments section below! Hope you've enjoyed my short blog entry this month. More to follow someday.
~Greg Mongroll

  1. The Proletariat - Soma Holiday 
  2. The Fools - Sold Out 
  3. Jerry Kids - Is This My World?
  4. The Real Kids - S/T
  5. Moving Targets - Burning In Water
  6. Dogmatics - Everybody Does It
  7. Dimestore Haloes - The Ghosts Of Saturday Night
  8. The Johnnies - 12 Steps To Nowhere
  9. The Freeze - Land of The Lost
  10. The Outlets - Whole New World


  1. I wouldn't have a clue which of the bands I like came from boston but there's a few in your list I haven't heard so hopefully I'll discover a few good ones

  2. Surprised to not see SS Decontrol on this list. I love the Freeze however. Great idea for a list.