Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 Days of Christmas!

DAY #1:
I'm gonna be posting a tune each day until Christmas. I hope you dig my selections. Starting off will be The Humpers killer cover of Chuck Berry's Run, Run Rudolph. Check this shit out!

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  1. I started this a day early as I will not be able to submit a track on December 1st.

  2. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! Chuck Berry's Christmas Gift re-wrapped by The Humpers for us all to enjoy. Yes Indeed, they do do this tune Justice!! Love it!!!

  3. hey I think btw- there is a way to "pre-blog" and schedule it to post at a scheduled date & time... I had to do mine that way for the last few days b/c I was gonna be in VT...

  4. Really? Well that would be way cool! I'll look into that! Thanks Jessy!